Choosing AccessSMT puts you at the pinnacle of building excellence and innovation. Where unmatched experience and expertise sets an infallible foundation. Where relationships last, trust grows, and timelines get the respect they deserve. Where a market driven offering in divisions 8, 28 and 10 ensures you have all the quality products you need to secure your future. ​

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Shanahan’s Limited Partnership and McGregor & Thompson Hardware Ltd. are now doing business as AccessSMT


Surrey, British Columbia – October 1, 2019Shanahan’s Limited Partnership, McGregor & Thompson Hardware Ltd. and McGregor Door & Hardware, LLC, announce the launch of a new corporate brand: AccessSMT.


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Expertise you can build on


The experience and expertise we offer not only gives you confidence that your project will be done correctly right from the start; it also ensures that you will be building on a foundation of innovation to secure your future.

With a combined 140 years of industry experience, the unification into AccessSMT solidifies our position as leaders in divisions 8, 28, & 10. Partnering with us provides you with access to our unmatched expertise, excellent service, and largest product offering on the market.


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AccessSMT uses unmatched expertise to build lasting relationships with all of our customers to ensure we are the trusted partner they require regardless of what market you are active in. We have decades of experience working with Architects and Designers, Owners and Developers, Contractors, Facility Managers and Modular Builders.

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Over many decades, AccessSMT has built lasting relationships with division 8, 28 & 10 product manufacturers across the world. We are constantly improving our offering to our customers so that they are using the highest quality products possible on their projects without sacrificing on budget.


We at AccessSMT pride ourselves on providing unmatched expertise on projects from conception to completion and beyond. This includes far more than delivering quality products to site in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our service includes being part of the construction team to ensure project execution.


AccessSMT has experience on delivering successful experiences on all project types, including: Government & Institutional, Educational, Hospitality, Mixed Use, Single Family, Multi Family, and Industrial. We have begun cateloguing projects so you can see first hand how our expertise is something you can build on.