We are an industry leader in the commercial, residential door, hardware business, and access control security business.

Our Story

The story of AccessSMT is one that spans many decades. It involves two companies: Shanahan’s Limited Partnership and McGregor & Thompson Hardware Ltd. With a shared 140 years of experience in the construction supply industry, our unified organization has seen it all. In October of 2019, both companies joined together under a unified name: AccessSMT.

Why Us?

AccessSMT is the combination of industry leaders, Shanahan’s Limited Partnership and McGregor & Thompson Hardware Ltd. That translates to over 140 years of industry success in completing projects in commercial, residential, industrial, and modular projects across Canada and the United States. With 1000’s of success stories through our organization, there isn’t a project requiring division 8, 10 & 28 that we haven’t served.

Your Career With Us

At AccessSMT we put our people first. We understand that our value of unmatched expertise and professionalism come directly from our dedicated team. We are a passionate group that has fun and cares about one another. The growth of our business depends on our people and so we invest in ensuring they grow with our business through career advancement, educational opportunities and security.

As the leader in our industry it is our duty to ensure our people are the experts through routine training, and (or mentorship) educational opportunities.