COVID-19 Safety Plan

by | Nov 9, 2020


COVID-19 Safety Plan

AccessSMT recognizes the health risk Covid-19 presents to workers at job sites, in our branches, and in the community. These are the steps we have taken to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 to our workers:

General Controls

  • Covid-19 flowchart determining when it is “SAFE” to return to work and showing the reporting and investigation steps at every level
  • Decreasing on-site personnel; incorporating a work-from-home plan for eligible job roles
  • Installing plexiglass barriers at customer-facing counters
  • Implementing safe zones with barriers to limit courier movement at shipping/receiving areas
  • Installed hand sanitizing stations at key locations and require workers to sanitize frequently
  • Where practical, arranged shop areas to maintain social distance (6ft or 2M)
  • Posted signage addressing Covid-19 self-assessments at all common entryways
  • Posted social distance placards/stickers for customer areas
  • Limited public washroom access to visitors and guests
  • Sanitizer for regular use on contact surfaces, materials and products
  • Provided 3-layer cloth masks to workers
  • Require daily Covid-19 self-assessment prior to entering any workplace
  • Staggered breaks and lunches to reduce worker groups
  • Visitors, couriers and customers must wear a mask prior to entering a work site, branch or area


AccessSMT have, through toolbox talks, onboarding and from the management team – educated workers on the risks of Covid-19 and the following protocols the company has mandated as a required part of daily work activity:

AccessSMT_Mask Protocol.v.1.2020

A guidance document stating the requirement for all workers and visitors to wear a mask, assess what type of mask for workers must be worn and how to properly care for cloth masks.

AccessSMT_Shipping and Receiving during a Pandemic Protocol.v.2.2020

A protocol for shipping, receiving and customer service operations that are required to be followed at the Branch and also provides guidance on curbside pick-up options.

AccessSMT Communicable Disease Job Site Protocols.v2.2020

This document mandates requirements for job sites and branches, both, and include guidance on what to do if you are sick, visiting a branch (interoffice), general Covid-19 PPE requirements, sanitation and cleaning requirements, project planning and Covid-19 best practices.

Monitoring and Updates

AccessSMT Safety Team monitor State and Provincial news, recommendations and mandates daily and ensure our current Covid-19 plan meets or exceeds requirements to keep our workers safe.