AccessSMT works with each project from start to finish, from designer to contractor with the same expertise value throughout.

AccessSMT Markets

AccessSMT uses unmatched expertise to build lasting relationships with all of our customers to ensure we are the trusted partner they require regardless of what market you are active in. We have decades of experience working with Architects and Designers, Owners and Developers, Contractors, Facility Managers and Modular Builders.

We work along side some of the most highly regarded individuals and firms in design, development, construction, property management and maintenance.  Our experience supports your success in key markets, including Instituitional & Governemental, Educational, Hospitality, Commercial, Residential, Mixed-Use, and Industrial.

Our experience supports your success in the key markets above and is adaptable depending on your specific needs.

Architects/Designers | Owners/Developers | Contractors | Facility Managers | Modular Builders


Division 8, 28 & 10 are complex parts of the built environment with unique impact on function, performance, design, value, and longevity. From blast doors to bedroom doors, from keyless access control to bike storage solutions for coworking and condominiums, successful choices result from combining expertise in product offering and code compliance with the aspirations and conceptual goals of your project.


Delivering value requires expert supply of the right products to meet each project’s goals. Division 8, 28 and 10 supply means being part of your project not just from the excavation stage until the day the final occupants turn their key in the lock, but from the early stages of project concept, continuing on over the lifetime of the building. Experts make your journey more successful.



Communication and teamwork create successful projects. As a proud part of the construction community, our experts understand what it takes to provide on-time, accurate product to ensure successful completion.

Facility Managers


Uptime for a building is as important as uptime for a machine or computer, and all the parts have to function properly. From rental and condo properties to hospitals, factories, and university campuses, experts know what product is best for replacement, refurbishment, upgrades, improvements, and long term value.

Modular Builders

Value means the right product in the right place to achieve the right result, on budget. Modular buildings are a unique, exciting way to deliver value in the built environment. Experts help to choose and supply products that support this success.