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McGregor & Thompson Hardware LTD.

Shanahan’s Limited Partnership

Founded in 1964 in Vancouver, BC, McGregor & Thompson began as a construction supply company

In 1928, Martin Shanahan establishes chemical and raw material company in Vancouver, British Columbia that would eventually become Shanahan’s Limited Partnership and other companies.


Jim McGregor Sr. launched the McGregor & Thompson from a 1,500 sq/ft operation in East Vancouver in 1964.

In the early years, M&T sold a handful of off-the-shelf hardware items. McGregor Sr. keenly appreciated that doors and hardware are some of the most complex material groups for building contractors to deal with, and so found an opportunity to use his expertise to solve the problem with M&T. 

The Building Boom of the 1960’s created an opportunity to develop a reliable construction materials supplier. Shanahan’s also started an installation service which gave them a service offering unmatched in the industry. As concerns over fire protection became paramount, and recognizing a need in the market place as well as an opportunity to expand the products and services of Shanahan’s, Gerry Mey added the emerging product line of metal doors and frames to the Shanahan’s offering.

Later in the decade, Gerrit May became a partner in the company on his way to taking over the company completely in the early 1970’s.


McGregor & Thompson’s continued growth leads them to a move to a larger facility at 1250 E Georgia Street in East Vancouver.  M&T also expanded operations into the interior by opening a Kelowna location while maintaining the operational plan to stay true and dedicated to its customers by being problem-solvers not salespeople.

In the early 1970s the Company added hollow metals doors and frames into the product mix. At this time Ken Newcombe was recruited to lead the hollow metal door and frame division. In the late seventies, the business eventually expanded to include pre-hung wood doors.

Led by Gerrit May, Shanahan’s began expanding through western Canada in Calgary and Edmonton, as well as acquiring Modernfold Alberta Ltd

 Shanahan’s Manufacturing Limited was established in Calgary to manufacture toilet stalls and lockers in response to a market need. Soon after, the manufacturing hub moved further into the commercial door hardware market due to the natural fit with commercial metal doors and frames


Throughout the 70s and 80s the Company continued its growth by opening new locations in British Columbia, Alberta and Washington. During this period a total of eight locations were opened with six remaining open today.

In 1989 the Company further diversified its product and service offering to include locksmith supply and security hardware distribution. 

Shanahan’s began moving east, opening offices in Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg. The Manufacturing arm of the business also grew adding metal doors and frames to the manufactured products list in Calgary, as well as acquiring Monarch Steelcraft, a hollow metal manufacturer in Richmond, BC.


Responding to customer and market needs, M&T continued to expand its product line in the 1990’s. M&T opened a specialty products division because clients had a need for a distributor dedicated to architectural specialty products. The success of this division led to the addition of an installation department, adding further to the service offerings.

Since the early 90s M&T continued to expand its business by leveraging its strong reputation and relationships in the industry and investing in its sales force. In addition, the Company has completed several strategic acquisitions which have provided the Company with access to new markets, customers and products.

During the 1990’s the company added offices in Kelowna, Victoria and Red Deer. The company grew dramatically over the years that followed, establishing itself as one of the market leaders for building products in Western Canada.


McGregor & Thompson continues to progress. From 2003-2009 the company doubled in size and continues work on major projects like the Shangri-La luxury residence in downtown Vancouver. Further, Canadian builders were relying more heavily on M&T to build on projects stateside, sparking an expansion throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The company’s growth continued, adding market share and growing into new territories throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. With that growth, in 2007 Banyan Capital and Yellow Point Equity Partners decided to capitalize on the success, acquiring the business.


In early 2017, Speyside Equity had begun the process of identifying  businesses in the hardware industry to purchase. In Western Canada, both McGregor & Thompson and Shanahan’s Limited Partnership had been on an upward trajectory, even continuing to grow business in an economic downturn. Speyside purchased both businesses in 2017, effectively bringing two successful businesses under the same umbrrella.


In August of 2018, it was decided that McGregor & Thompson and Shanahan’s would join together as one company, one brand. Over the next year, the two companies would streamline operations, combine product offerings and merge talent in all areas of the business. Culminating on October 1, 2019, McGregor & Thompson Hardware Ltd. (which includes McGregor Door & Hardware LLC) and Shanahan’s Limited Partnership announced the launch of the new corporate brand: AccessSMT. With a combined 140 years of industry experience, the unified brand solidifies the company’s position as a leader in divisions 8, 28 & 10.

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