Washroom Accessories


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Washroom Accessories

AccessSMT provides not only a broad range of products, but represents a diverse range of manufacturers creating choice.  Washroom accessory selection is highly dependent on design, finish and function, but can often involve building code considerations. 

Our primary washroom accessory categories are:

Change Tables
Coat Hooks
Combo Units – Waste & Paper
Grab Bars
Hand Dryers
Mop & Broom Holders
Paper Towel Dispensers
Napkin Dispensers
Napkin Disposal
Security Accessories
Shower Accessories
Shower Seats
Soap Dispensers
Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers
Toilet Tissue Dispensers
Waste Receptacles



Washroom Accessories
Washroom Accessories
Washroom Accessories
Washroom Accessories


SD Straight – Grab Bar

SD 120 Degree Grab Bar

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