Iona Wastewater Treatment Plant – Richmond, BC

Iona Wastewater Treatment Plant – Richomond, BC


The Iona Wastewater Treatment Plant in Richmond, BC treated about 207 Billion Litres of wastewater in 2012. The plant first opened in 1963 and has since expanded 6 times to accommodate population growth and treatment upgrades. It is currently going through another expansion replacement project to be completed in 2030.

In 2016, the wastewater treatment plant went through a Solids Handling upgrade. This some them in need of a lot of custom-built product in order to pass the regulations required for the facility. AccessSMT stepped up and was able to provide a custom-built pair of doors built to 24’ high X 12’ wide with 6’ leafs.

As of now, the two doors are working as specified for the wastewater treatment plant.