University of Manitoba – Arthur V. Mauro Residence

Secure your residence

 Controlling access to your premises is vial in today’s age. This is especially true for university residences, for both the student moving into the property and the parents who will inevitably be worrying about their child.

 The Arthur V. Maura Student Residence on the Fort Garry Campus of the University of Manitoba required a new access control system for the property. The Residence is six floors high with 155 suites and room for over 316 students on a centrally located road with lots of traffic. Further, there were over 170 openings around the building that required the utmost security.

Safety with SALTO

Our Winnipeg office was awarded the tendered project and retrofitted the Residence with a SALTO Access Control System to replace the mechanical locks. Specifically, 170 mechanical mortise locks were converted to SALTO Bluetooth Smart Technology locks, replaced the original four card readers to SALTO card readers and door controllers, and integrated the system with automatic door openers.