We are the project perfect people with experience in all commercial and residential industry sectors


AccessSMT’s full-service product and service offering, coupled with a level of expertise on any project type in our industry ensures your project delivery will not be delayed or encumbered in anyway by doors, hardware or access control delivery and installation. Trust us to deliver on your next project.

We have experience delivering successful projects in all project types, including:

Institutional & Governmental | Educational | Hospitality | Mixed Use | Single Family | Multi-Family | CommercialIndustrial 

Institutional & Governmental

From municipal buildings to grand government structures, we have experience delivering specified plans that stay within budget on many Institutional & Governmental constructs. We play scrupulous attention to changing municipal building codes and life and fire safety regulations, and this attention to detail, combined with an unprecedented versatility, has enabled us to be relied on for many projects in this market. Our experts are often involved with a plan from specification writing until occupancy.

Not only do we deliver on our division 8 and 10 packages, but also in Division 28. Many of our governmental buildings require the most rigorous electronic and building security systems. Our experts continually update their knowledge base to make sure the latest technology is used for building security.


Our educational projects are some of the most important programs we work on. It is afterall where you send your kids everyday, so making sure all the facilities are working as spcified is vital. Further, as it is the next generation using these facilties, building safety and security is of the utmost importance.


The hospitality industry continues to grow across Canada and the United States. The importance of ensuring projects get done on time and the products therein are working as specified can not be understated. Everyday that a program doesn’t complete or a room is not available for revenue, it costs money. AccessSMT has worked on some of the best rated hospitality facilities in North America, including the Pan Pacific Hotel in Whistler.

Mixed Use

Mixed Use projects are often complicated, with long construction schedules and tight deadlines. It is important to have a versatile product line in order to outfit a large Mixed Use plan with the right products.

Single Family


From large community single family developments to simple house rennovations, AccessSMT has the product range and expertise to provide the correct products. 



With population continuing to desify in major cities, multi-family construction products are in high demand. Construction schedules continue to get tighter and tighter, with no room for error. AccessSMT has delivered high quality products to many iconic multi-family developments.



AccesssSMT has extensive experience working on industrial projects across Canada and the United States.


New Central Library

Commercial projects are often complicated, with tight deadlines and unique requirements. It is important to have a versatile product line in order to outfit a commercial project to fit the needs of the operation.

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