Safety, Health, Environment

Safety, Health, Environment


AccessSMT believes that our people are our most valuable asset. Providing a safe and healthy working environment is one of our primary responsibilities and is fundamental to our success.

We will collaborate with our workforce and partners, to identify and eliminate, or otherwise control, risks to people and the environment in which we all operate. We are committed to ensure compliance with the more stringent of applicable legal requirements (all applicable laws, regulations, and legal rules).

Our success will be founded by our Core Values of Safety;

People – “Nothing is worth doing if we get injured”

  • Concern and care for our employees will take precedence above operations.

Leadership – “A leader is one who knows, goes, and shows the way”

  • Our Leaders are ultimately accountable for the delivery of health, safety, and environmental improvements and must be supported with the necessary resources.

Commitment – “Safe behavior is a fundamental job requirement”

  • We promote a culture that values safe behavior in all of our actions and as a priority in all aspects of our business.

Communication – “Safety is manageable”

  • Provide clearly defined roles and responsibilities, achievable goals, training, communication systems and participation opportunities to promote effective engagement by employees.

A message from our CEO:

“As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, our safety system will evolve through learnings, inspections and open communication with our employees, to better ourselves and strive to meet our goal of zero incidents, every day. We believe that building a strong culture of health and safety is a leading indicator for our overall businesses performance.”