AccessSMT works with each project from start to finish, from designer to contractor with the same expertise value throughout.

AccessSMT Services

AccessSMT provides the most comprehensive services within the Division 8,28 and 10 construction supply market in both Canada and the US. Our expertise, built from over 140 years of combined success in the industry, ensures your project avoids delays and stays on budget using the most advanced and scrutinized products there is to offer. We add value to projects at the initial design/planning stage right through to building security solutions and the eventual upgrades every building requires.

Consultation and Specification

With our industry leading expertise, we can recommend the correct products, being mindful of building code compliance, cost, timelines and design objectives. With an ever-changing offering of products, lean on us to consult on the decisions you need to make, by:

  • Joining the design team and meeting with Prime Consultant or owner to determine project requirements.
  • Provide benefits and limitations on products
  • Provide availability and past performance on products
  • Provide options and solutions to unique and challenging applications

We have built relationships with the industry’s leading specification and project consultants. Our relationships are built to last and have a history of success in specifying products for projects.

You can rely on us to:

  • Provide, develop and advise on specifications in electronic format, project specific or for incorporation into master specifications.
  • Review specification sections to ensure the correct product is being used for the appropriate application.
  • Ensure competitive, ethical bidding practices are following by providing “like” and viable options, without compromising required performance.
  • Review and comment on equal/substitution requests by others.
  • Advise on code compliance

For consultation and specification contact us early on in your process to join the construction team.

Hardware Schedules

The hardware schedule is complicated, often unique and can have great impact on cost, schedule and most importantly, life safety. With over 140 years of proven success, we will build a hardware schedule tailored to your specific project.

We bring execution experience on a wide range of projects in the industry and pride ourselves in being the experts on any deliverable. Our hardware experts ensure all is done to specification and is code compliant in your market. If you require a hardware schedule built or reviewed by the Division 8, 28 & 10 leaders then please contact us immediately.

Submittal Package/Shop Drawings

AccessSMT provides Clear/Detailed/Accurate shop drawings, installation drawings, material and specification sheets by our team of experts. Our submittal packages are completed in a project specific timeline. Our submittal packages include details on:

  • Shop drawings/schedules
  • Scheduling
  • Delivery
  • Installation and inspection

We are prepared for the multiple revisions that are often required given a change in project detail, timeline or budget. You can place your trust in AccessSMT to have the expertise you can build on.

Project Coordination

We are the project perfect people. Our attention to detail and history of delivering success on projects to completion, regardless of difficulty, gives you the confidence required to choose AccessSMT. 

Our experts are clear communicators and adhere to the fundamentals of project management discipline to complete projects on-time and at the costs expected. Further, our business model ensures an expert is handling their scope of expertise in Division 8, 10 & 28 for your specific project.

Quotation & Budgeting

 We have an industry leading estimation team in the market who are equipped with technology and 140 years of success in pricing projects in every vertical. Our team ensures a dependable and accurate quote in division 8, 10 & 28 for projects of any size and building type.

We accomplish this with skill specific teams throughout our business, rather than branch by branch.  Our focus built groups ensure we can create quotes and budgets that are time bound and accurate, meeting your project’s needs. 

Our vendor relationships and unparalleled buying power ensures we provide optimal costs. We will price any project, regardless of difficulty and provide cost saving options our customers expect.

Site Support

We don’t just say we execute successful projects; we live it every day. Our belief is that we can’t sit at a desk and wish a project into completion, we need to go out and verify all issues are managed and specifications are followed. We are the Project Perfect People, and our project experts on site provide projects with a level of support unmatched in our industry. 


Our locations across Canada and into the Pacific Northwest of the US have installation managers with the expertise to ensure installation meets your quality and supports your timelines. Our experts will scale our in-house crews or align with the leading installers in your market.  

Our installation relationships have been built with the best in the industry. You can count on us to get the right products delivered and installed on your project when it needs to be done.

Fire Door Inspection

With pending or in place legislation in many provinces or states, the need for annual fire door inspection services have never been greater. Contact the experts at AccessSMT to better understand the requirements in your market and make the changes you need to be code compliant.

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