BEST – BEA 41B 7 72 L (2″ Shackle) STD 626 w/Cylinder – Non Key Retained

41B Series – Specifications

  • Case – Machined from solid extruded brass. Standard finish is 626 satin chromium plated.
  • Width – 1 15⁄16” Length – 2 1⁄16” Thickness – 7⁄8”
  • Shackle – The shackle locks at both heel and toe. The length of shackle opening is measured from top of case to inside of shackle when padlock is locked.
  • Material – Stainless steel Diameter – 3⁄8”
  • Width of opening – 7⁄8”
  • ASTM F883 – Meets Grade 3 with stainless steel shackle,  grade 4 with XSPL shackle. ASTM F883 – Meets Grade 6 for option E.  (Corrosion resistance).
  • ASTM F883 – Meets Grade 6 for shackle  cutting force with XSPL shackle option
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BEST B Series

From design materials to construction to performance, you’ll find the highest quality in BEST B Series padlocks. Solid brass one-piece body construction and stainless steel shackles offer superior strength and durability in B Series padlocks. With multiple options available and the ability to accept SFIC cores, B Series padlocks easily incorporate into existing masterkey systems and fit specific application requirements. And rest assured, each B Series padlock meets or exceeds ASTM F883 standards for security and performance.

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