AccessSMT builds lasting relationships built on trust with our suppliers ensuring we have the largest product offering on the market.


AccessSMT prides itself on ensuring we have the most comprehensive product catalogue available. Our goal is to not only provide you with the specified products, but provide additional options when needed to ensure we meet delivery schedules and cost expectations.  Within all primary product categories, AccessSMT provides the expertise to offer the best alternatives the market has to offer.

Architectural Hardware

At the core of our Division 8/28 value proposition are the products which provide security, contribute to safety and control access, known as Architectural Hardware.

Access Control & Building Security Systems

The security landscape of our world is ever-changing, as are the products which comprise our offering in Access Control.  Given this dynamic, your need to gain control of access to your residence or facility, begins with AccessSMT.

Hollow Metal Doors & Frames

AccessSMT offers full support in design, specification, supply, installation and maintenance in vast hollow metal doors & frames product line.

Wood Doors & Frames

Whether interior, exterior, residential or commercial, the complexity in offering of Wood Doors & Frames has never been greater. 

Specialty Doors

AccessSMT provides the expertise for a significant array of opening types which control access, divide areas, provide security, create safety and perform in high use environments.

Construction Specialties

Division 10 includes a diverse group of products where the expertise lies with our product specialists at AccessSMT.


Personal storage solutions can be found in schools, hospitals, business’, recreation centers and many other facilities where personal goods need to be protected.

For more information on our locker service offering, contact us.



Aesthetics, code compliance, privacy requirements, usage and environmental conditions all factor into selecting the right toilet partitions for your project or facility.  With an ever-increasing array of options in finish and material, there are many choices to consider.

Washroom Accessories 


AccessSMT provides not only a broad range of products, but represents a diverse range of manufacturers creating choice. 

Visual & Display Boards


AccessSMT provides a broad range of both writing and tack surface products.  Contact us to understand all color, trim, material and backing options to suit your facility or project.

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